Eddie L. Massachussets

Jana was with us for 4 hours each of our 3 days in Prague. I was amazed at her knowledge of the city. There was one tree she could not identify (lol) but otherwise she knew everything about the city. We learned so much in a very enjoyable manner. Each day we discussed our tour options then embarked for our outing around the city. As we spent more time time together she readily came to better understand our interests and thus tailored the time we had together.. Her recommendations for lunch and dinner were so very helpful. Ask her the best place to view the Astronomical Clock. One daily tour was of the Jewish ghetto and the synagogues. One would have thought she was actually there during the time periods they were constructed and utilized. She was outstanding!

Mary S., Virginia

Jana quickly came to know us and learn of our interests -- and she was confident enough to recommended a change in our planned itinerary - instead of visiting Kutna Hora, as the guide books say to do, she felt we would love seeing the family rooms of the Archduke Ferdinand at Konopiste castle. She was so right; I'm sure Kutna Hora is a charming town, but Konopiste was an amazing treat and a real highlight of our vacation in the Czech Republic. We ended up with a private tour of the family rooms, and it is like a time capsule of history, as nothing has been touched since the early 1900s. Another special treat was when she explained the details of Operation Anthropoid and took us to see the crypt of the Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius, where the Czech and Slovak assassins of the Nazi official Heydrich were killed. It was very moving to learn about this history. She is simply an excellent guide and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Geraldine M., California

Seven of us were lucky enough to secure the services of Jana. On our European trip we used various guides and Jana was the best of a great group. She helped us plan our trip, arrange transportation, get a great driver and transport, had great suggestions for major attractions, as well as, some wonderful off the beaten path places. We toured Prague and the Czech countryside. Loved Cesky Krumlov. Jana related well to our groups various ages (20's to 70's) , she helped with shopping, restaurant selection and answering 1000 questions on architecture, history, and culture---we could not stump her. It was a wonderful part of our overall trip made more wonderful by our guide Jana.

Catherine S., California

We are "active seniors" and wanted a guide who would adapt to our pace and show us highlights without bogging us down in too much minutiae. Our guide was Jana Neubergova and she was perfect. Throughout the tour Jana was attentive, maintained a nice pace, and considerately asked about climbing stairs, challenging routes, etc., to make sure of our comfort level. We stopped for lunch, at our request, and during that time were able to learn a lot about the people and politics of the Czech Republic from her, particularly about the time of change from communism to a democratic republic.Jana is a knowledgeable and professional tour guide. Her English is perfect and she is easy to relate to. We would engage her again and we definitely recommend her to others -- even if they're younger than us!

Zelená Hora sanctuary
Zelená Hora sanctuary