Explore Prague with local guide Jana

Welcome to Prague

My name is Jana and I am an experienced local guide. I offer private day tours in Prague and Czech republic for groups and individual travelers. With me as your guide you will get a better insight into Czech history, culture and lifestyle. I give tours in English, German, Italian and Czech.

Many young people have difficulties when they have to choose their future profession. That was not my case. I had decided to be a guide when I was fifteen. And when a stubborn Capricorn like me takes a decision there is no way to change her or his mind. The only problem was that I was living behind the iron curtain, in the communist Czechoslovakia.It was almost impossible to travel abroad and there were not many foreigners coming here either. My idea to work in almost non existing travel industry seemed therefore as absurd as to fly to the moon. But as you know miracles sometimes happen. That miracle of mine was called the Velvet Revolution. Thanks to that important historical event, which in November 1989 put an end to the communist regime I could finally start to realize my old dream. 

 I have became a professional tour guide in 1992. And even now, after so many years, I still love my job. 

It will be my pleasure to be your Prague private guide!

Phone: +420 604 332 810

Email: jana.tourguide@gmail.com